What is LearnThruPhonics?

- We want every person to experience the joy of learning to read.

- We don’t believe in labels like ‘slow’ or ‘difficult’.

- We believe that a new approach to learning can yield extraordinary results.

- That’s why we’ve created LearnThruPhonics.

What is it?

LearnThruPhonics is a series of 20 e-books that work systematically through the proven synthetic phonics approach to learning to read. Students start with the most common letters and gradually work up to more complicated sounds and words.


What makes us different?

We didn’t invent synthetic phonics and we’re certainly not the only program teaching it. But there are a few things which we feel separate us from the crowd.

• Cutting edge, touch screen technology takes readers’ learning into their own hands
• Superb graphics, interactive tests and a unique ‘write your own song’ feature
• Material that is appropriate for older learners too


What next?

Sign up for a free trial today to check out our exciting approach to learning to read for yourself. Choose between our home or school package and get 24/7 access to our complete range of materials.

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