Tips for Teaching Adults to ReadTips for Teaching Adults to Read

13th January 2015

Tips for Teaching Adults to Read

In yesterday’s blog I provided some frankly shocking statistics about adult literacy levels here in the UK.  To think that 5 million adults in England struggle to read texts about unfamiliar or more complex topics can only serve to make one realise how serious an issue adult literacy really is.

It’s easy to think given the scale of the problem, there is little we can do to help the unfortunate ones who didn’t learn to read effectively the first time around and to accept them as a lost generation. But to do this would be to deprive these people of such a wonderful and necessary gift. So how can we help those among us who cannot read well, to embrace both reading and learning to read more effectively?  Well, there are some great tips to encourage adult learners of both reading and writing at . Don’t forget this is a challenge we can all help to overcome and if you know someone who could do with a little extra help, be the one to help them change their lives for the better.


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