Text Talk, Phonics and Reading Skills

20th June 2014

Just in ; Phonics improves reading skills and text message slang boosts spelling. Who'd have thought?

It's thought texting may improve children’s spelling and grammar because using abbreviations such as ‘gr8’ makes them think about language phonetically, a study found.

''Our previous work has shown that the reason why we see positive associations between use of texting slang and spelling outcomes is because many of the most commonly used forms of text abbreviation are phonetically based,” Clare Wood, professor of psychology in education at Coventry University said.

“So when children are playing with these creative representations of language they have to use and rehearse their understanding of letter-sound correspondences: a skill which is taught formally as phonics in primary classrooms.'' 

Another positive story for Phonics advocates! You can read the full Phonics article here


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