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1st July 2014

PhonicsThruMusic recently attended a SENco conference in Swansea Met, and listened in on a really interesting lecture by Michael Jones on the importance of talking positively to and about children. 

What's the most common mistake teachers are making? using the word 'ok'. There were tons of others we were surprised by, such as stating that a task will be 'easy' or 'simple'. Did you know that these terms are barriers to learning? You can check out more of Michael's communication in learning tips here 

We were really pleased with the teachers and SENco's reactions to our phonics demo's, everyone was really enthusiastic about the phonics approach and said it was exactly what their older students needed! 

If you're looking for age appropriate content for teens with low reading levels, then you can purchase our set of 20 phonetic E-books for your school, or for individuals. Ofcourse, you can test the benefits yourself by sampling a free trial here


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