Rise In Children Passing Literacy Benchmarks As Phonics Method Pays Off

20th October 2014

"Government’s phonics check sees 5% rise in number of five- and six-year-olds passing, with 74% of pupils in England reaching expected standard"

via: The Guardian

A recent article published in the guardian has shown that using phonics to teach youngsters in primary schools to read appears to be paying off. New figures has showed that there is a substantial rise of pupils passing the government's benchmark for literacy after embracing the use of Phonics.

The results of the government’s phonics check – used to test how children pronounce and read simple words and sounds – saw a 5% increase in the number of pupils aged 5 - 6 passing, with 74% of state school pupils in England reaching the expected standard this year.

"Synthetic phonics – the use of which was expanded in the national curriculum this month – differs from traditional methods by directly teaching children the sounds that make up words, known as phonemes. By recognising parts of words as sounds rather than individual letters, children are able to “decode” words and pronounce them."

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