Phonics Studies

25th September 2014

A recent phonics study published via had some interesting findings on gender differences as well as some fantastic feedback from teachers. 

The summary of the study stated; 

  • It was found that the girls showed a more positive attitude to reading than the boys, 
    and made more use of the public library, despite having lower word recognition skills 
  • No difference was found between boys and girls in the extent to which they read 
    fiction, contrary to the findings of an international study of 10 year olds in 35 
  • The teachers felt that reading, spelling and writing skills had been greatly accelerated 
    by the programme 
  • In terms of detecting children needing learning support, teachers reported that they 
    were now able to do this much earlier. 

The teachers reported;

  • We have found the synthetic approach very positive and effective. Our pupils in 
    P1-P3 continue to achieve steadily. We continue to review and monitor the learning 
    and teaching programme in this area and the support strategies that we have in 
  • Involvement with synthetic phonics was a professional ‘life-changing’ experience 
    that changed the teaching of English language in our school.
  • Synthetic phonics has provided staff development opportunities alongside 
    curricular development and has empowered both teachers and pupils. 


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