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27th June 2014

Fewer and fewer children across the UK are reading in their own time and one in five is embarrassed to be caught with a book, a survey suggests. 

Just over a quarter of 35,000 children from 188 schools told the National Literacy Trust that they read outside of school. The trust says a similar survey in 2005 found one in three children read in their own time. 

What does this mean for literacy?  Those who read outside of class every day were five times as likely to read above the expected level compared with those who never did. Children who do not think "reading is cool" were four times more likely to be below-average readers, the report says.

However, the study, of children aged from eight to 16, found that the proportion who read e-books outside of school had doubled since 2010 to 12%. This is where PhonicsThruMusic comes in.

What this research says to us, is inspiring a passion for reading is the most crucial part of tackling literacy. We've created Phonetic Ebooks for 11-19 year olds who have left primary school without learning the basics of reading. Our phonics Ebooks for adults contain age appropriate content, with characters and story lines that older learners are interested in ; the enjoyment of reading makes it less of a 'chore' and encourages pupils to read outside of the classroom. 

The age appropriate content is so important when it comes to adult learnes - most phonics resources at their reading level are designed for much younger readers, with childish stories that can be embarrassing and tedious for them to stick with. 

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