Phonics Checks

5th August 2014

Alarming statistics suggest that half a million children will be left behind in reading by 2020 if they aren't encouraged to read more.

However, teachers had mixed views on whether the recent phonics checks were appropriate. The government recommends teaching practices within the UK are to use a phonics based system as the cornerstone for the development of reading skills.  All children in Year 1 are required to complete the ‘Phonics Screening Check’ to assess their decoding ability.

What are the benefits of the check?

Early assessment is necessary to identify children’s abilities, and determine who needs help . Ideally assessment should be in place at the beginning of Year 1, so that children can be taught according to their differing skill levels. 

What happens when children reach GCSE level without developing the neccessary reading level?

Children leaving primary school, without the required literacy level to continue learning in secondary school is something we've seen a lot of, and it's why we've developed our phonics programme for 11-19 year olds. 

Our position is that regular phonics checks are neccessary, and educational providers, alongside parents need to encourage assessments in reading ability earlier in a child’s life



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