Phonics Approach Best For Boys ?

19th June 2014

As we've blogged previously, there are problems with prejudices when it comes to the systematic synthetic phonics approach.  Nick Gibb, the MP and former school's minister claims its progressive methods simply do not work. 

However, next week 600,000 five-and six-year-olds will be tested for their basic reading skills and their ability to decipher forty simple words. This is the Phonics Screening Check that was first introduced by the Coalition government as a pilot in 300 schools in June 2011, and then annually in all primary schools in England from June 2012. The Check was introduced to ensure that every child can decode fluently and effortlessly and to spot those who need extra tuition.

The recent study by Dr Marlynne Grant which we have mentioned in earlier posts, was teaching pupils to read from the first weeks of the Reception class - reporting that by July of the following year, the pupils had an average reading age of 8 years and 2 months, some 22 months above their actual average age of 6 years and 4 months.

And the boys were out-performing the girls; addressing the stubborn problem of poor comparative performance by boys. While the Phonics approach to reading and literacy is successful in both genders, we find it interesting that it allows boys not only to catch up with their female classmates but surpass them. 

You can read the full Telegraph article here 


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