Phonics and older learners

24th June 2014

Phonics has primarily been associated with teaching young children to read, which has resulted in teachers working with older learners neglecting use of it. There has been a widespread assumption that adult learners will not be very receptive to a method they perceive as childish - which can be patronising, and not viewed favourably. 

Advocates of phonics as a key tool in teaching adults to read, believe the time is ripe for a change in attitudes. We are confident in the compelling evidence that demonstrates it is effective in older learners, and what is needed is age appropriate Phonics. 

We created the series of 20 Ebooks after noticing there was nothing age appropriate out there to help older learners with the basics of reading. From our experience of running literacy courses, we found an issue in literacy rates amongst teenagers-  something had to be done to help older students learn to read in an engaging way which wasn't patronising.

We've created age appropriate Phonics for 11-19 year olds, using content and characters they can relate to. With story lines they can be engaged in and stimulated by, they can follow our rapper Stan Spits through our series of 20 Ebooks. Students work systematically through the proven synthetic phonics approach to learning to read. Students start with the most common letters and gradually work up to more complicated sounds and words. 

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