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26th September 2014

The government’s phonics check sees 5% rise in number of five- and six-year-olds passing, with 74% of pupils in England reaching expected standard. 

The results of the phonics check – designed to test how children read and pronounce simple words and sounds, saw a 5% increase in the number of five and six-year-olds passing the check. 74% of state school pupils in England are currently reaching the expected standard .The figure was at just 58% in 2012 when the phonics check was first brought in. 

Nick Gibb, the education minister - an enthusiastic supporter of the systematic synthetic phonics approach (SSP), said the results showed that the plan was working.

“For too long thousands of young people, particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds, were allowed to slip through the net and fall behind in reading,” Gibbs said.

“This government’s drive to tackle illiteracy is putting a stop to that, and these results show that more and more schools are using phonics well, in order to get their pupils reading properly.”

You can read the data via the Department for Education 


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