Book Guide for Reluctant or Dyslexic Readers

22nd January 2015

Book Guide For Reluctant and Dyslexic Readers

Very few people are born into this world with pre-loaded talents and abilities, and indeed for most of us it takes a lot of hard work to become proficient at many of the things we take for granted, from practising sports to driving our cars. It’s not difficult to understand that the more we do something the better we become at it, in other words the more we put in the more we get out.  Unfortunately learning a new skill isn’t always easy or even fun, and many people grow in ability and confidence at different rates than others. This can then cause learners’ heads to drop, lose heart and stop trying.

This very same paradigm applies to learning to read, the more you do it, the easier it becomes. The process isn’t always fun and it takes a lot of hard work and concentration for those whom it doesn’t come naturally.

So, how can we make this process easier and more appealing for learners? One quite obvious way is to select reading material that is more engaging and appeals to individual readers’ tastes or interests.  Choosing the right types of texts, both in terms of ability and subject content is crucial in trying to ignite the reading spark. The Dyslexia Association has put together a new book guide for helping to choose books for dyslexic or reluctant younger readers, to access and download the guide click here and help someone you know to embrace reading for life.


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