An age appropriate phonics approach

23rd July 2014

We recently read a TES article on age appropriate phonics and the benefits, with interesting points made by phonics supporters; 

' “The simple view of reading, which is widely accepted, shows that meaning and decoding are separate,” said Chris Jolly, founder of the popular Jolly Phonics programme. “My experience of providing phonics skills is that it is just as applicable at different ages. Children and teenagers benefit from being able to work out words phonetically.”

Ruth Miskin, founder of the Read Write Inc programme, said that phonics and comprehension could be used together. “Each programme serves different purposes,” she added

“If children’s reading difficulties were picked up in primary, we could sort it out. I’m not knocking secondary schools but they shouldn’t be in this position.”

According to the EEF, phonics programmes help 11-year-olds with poor reading skills to make the equivalent of three months’ progress on average over the course of a year – the same as relatively expensive summer schools. However, comprehension approaches lead to four months’ progress. And children receiving one-to-one tuition, which may include different teaching techniques, make up to five months’ progress. ' 

From running literacy courses with our sister company LearnThruMusic, we regularly see the problem of low literacy rates among teenagers who have finished Primary school without the reading level neccessary to continue in secondary education. We believe something has to be done, and created PhonicsThruMusic after noticing there was nothing age appropriate out there to help older learners learn the basics of reading.


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