Age Appropriate; Testing our Phonics

4th July 2014

We've recently tested our set of phonetic e-books with 16 year old Corey from Swansea EOTAS. You may have heard the term EOTAS before, it simply means Educated Other Than At School and there are a few centres around the country. We asked Corey a few questions about his PhonicsThruMusic trial, and this is what he had to say; 


How would you rate the sites userbility

 "I would say the site is very user friendly, and with kids and teenagers growing up using the internet makes it easier again! I don’t think it could be made more clear it is a very clear and well structured site."


How would you rate the graphics?  

"The graphics are wicked I'd give them a 10/10 -amazing quality and art work! there is no way that they could be improved!"


What did you think of the characters?

"I liked the characters they were cool! Stan had to be my favourite because he loves music. I like the art work for them too, really creative."


What did you think of the story lines?

"I think the story lines were really good and attention catching. They did keep my attention and they did keep me reading, really interesting stories."


If you'd like to sample a free trial, you can by following this link 


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