A Foundation of Phonics

29th July 2014

We recently read a piece in The New York Times detailing how the combined phonics approach is the key to literacy. What is the combined phonics approach? It includes some phonics, children’s literature, writing and activity guidance for teachers. Teachers confirm that they like it because it offers them and their students choice.

The New York Times report; ''The New York City Department of Education recently did a three-year study comparing 20 schools. Ten used the Core Knowledge approach. Ten used balanced literacy. After analysis, the Core Knowledge results were deemed to be far better, to a high level of statistical significance. Any program using the same principles as Core Knowledge – systematic phonics plus coherent content – would probably yield similar results.''

''When teachers in the study were asked whether they thought a phonics plus knowledge program was better than other reading programs, 77 percent said yes.''
You can read the full article here


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